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Carol Worrell is a creative and authentic storyteller, wielding her camera instead of a pen.  She tells your visual tale of love, engagement, and family in an elegant, unique and memorable way. 

"Life is a gift. Photography allows me to stop and focus on the details of this journey and to capture what I am feeling. Photographs are a journey into my soul, with each sharing the spirit of my life" ~ Carol Worrell 

A photographer for much of her life, Carol Worrell exhibits masterful skill at seeing everyday things in a fresh, new perspective.  She matches her passion for photography with an exceptional creative eye, breathing heart and soul into every photograph she takes.  Carol strives to make each image resonate with life, creating a special moment of connection with the viewer. 

Photographs are important to everyone, especially as you marry and begin a family, watching your children's personality begin to shine.  Carol will help you capture and keep these precious memories alive, with memorable, expressive images of all ages and stages of life.  From wedding rings to baby bumps, and toddlers to teens, Carol Worrell Photography will shower you with a collection of photographs to enjoy again and again.

Awards and Honors

Carol has built her life around her photography, and it shows. She has had numerous photos selected and published on the National Geographic “Your Shot” online website. National Geographic also honored Carol by publishing one of her photos in the story “Catch the Light”. Carol was also a contributor to National Geographic’s 2015 photo book,  “Getting Your Shot: Stunning Photos, How-To Tips, and Endless Inspiration from the Pros”. Her photos have won local photo contests and her work has been published on the front page of the Skagit Valley Herald and The Argus. 

Her many accolades prove her passion, talent, and commitment to providing exceptional images you will treasure forever. When photographing your special event, Carol is in the moment. Quietly taking fresh shots from different perspectives and points of view, Carol captures the spontaneous essence of the day in an unobtrusive way.